"Working with Sunscape (more specifically Shelby from Sunscape) was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend them for your tree planting needs. I had Sunscape remove a rainbow eucalyptus, move a clump bottle palm and install a foxtail palm all to my satisfaction. Most importantly the communication was professional, friendly, educational and timely thanks to Shelby. Nicely done!"

Tom Dentice

"Hello Ms. Mason. Please accept our great appreciation for all the advise and service we recently received from Sunscape Landscape, Inc.! Yesterday was bitter sweet for us while your crew removed our towering Pineapple Palm tree, relocating it to a new home. The gals in the office have been most helpful and knowledgeable. Offering great advise though their experience. The crew worked exceptionally thought out the day. They were also very professional, experienced and pleasant! The "lead" gentleman answered my questions and kept me informed as work progressed. The crew had great focus on their safety and the safety of our property. They cleaned up the pool area. They cleaned and raked the yard and filled the hole with dirt after. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for the similar service. I am looking forward to replacing our very large palm, that's now gone, with a few smaller Christmas Palms. Please find attached a few pics from yesterday's excitement.

Thank you for all your time and consideration,

Andrew Felix

The crew that was at my house at ***** Venice Fl yesterday were GREAT. Polite, hardworking, and did a fantastic job taking my tree out and leaving the area clean. Very, very professional! Which is hard to find these days.
Thank you!

Leonard Gedeon

"After my house had to be demolished from a fire I was forced to regime by exquisite large canary palm. Makenzie at Sunscape came to the rescue. We had to wait for the demolition because there was no access with the structure still standing. She worked with me On scheduling and the removal crew were kind and respectful to me and my tears as well as to her in her removal from her 30+ year home. I watched every moment as she maintained her beauty and dignity in her departure. Even the follow up from Sunscape, wow. They are awesome"

Faith Bevan

Your crew removed my canary palm tree yesterday and I could not have had a better experience.

From start to clean up, their performance was flawless! I'm especially glad that this magnificent

tree did not have to be destroyed. Three local long established tree companies told me that the

tree was too large to reposition and stake. This was the best solution to the problem.

Thanks again.

Harris Sholman

"We had a large Kapok tree that needed to be removed but it was a nice tree and we didn't want to just cut it down. Sunscape purchased the tree from us and relocated it to a different property. The crew that arrived was spectacular! They were hard workers and were very conscious of other plantings and the lawn, including the neighbor's lawn. This was certainly an all day project and when they ran into an unexpected obstacle they handled it with no problems.Mackenzie was so accommodating to coordinate the tree removal around our scheduled water and sewer hookup. I would highly recommend Sunscape Nursery."

Cheryl Silko

"Amazing company to do business with. They solicited me with regard to some Canary Palms I had. Spoke with Makenzie, a complete professional, very courteous and a vast knowledge of everything they do and how they operate. Wonderful experience, I would recommend them for anything you may need or want. They trimmed, marketed and sold my Canary Palms and removed them, completely hassle free. A pleasure to work with and what fun to watch."

David Knittel

I spoke with your office, today, to render high compliments on your crew who removed my fluffy palm, yesterday! I was so nervous and especially intimidated when your equipment arrived, I've never had a tree removed before, not-to-mention, a 14'+one. Your crew was so very cordial and assuring...their work was flawless!!!! When they were done, it was as if they had never been there!! My yard was unscathed! Your crew, again, I must compliment them for their friendliness and exacting efficiency!!! Please pass this compliment on to each of them and thank them, for me, for such amazing work! Don't want to single anyone in particular because they were all commendable but....I do have to give an extra handshake to the young man who is a marine Rsvst. His sense of humor was fun! If I can ever render a referral for you, I will certainly do so! Congratulations on having such skilled, efficient, thorough, and courteous workers!!

Alice Ward

Sometime in January your company purchased and removed a palm tree from our front yard. I meant to write before now but didn't. We cannot tell you how much we were impressed with the four men who removed the tree. From the time they arrived until the job was done, they made every minute count. There was no talking among themselves. Each one had a job and seemed to know all the next steps that needed to be taken. Several neighbors came over to watch the happenings and they also were impressed with the work ethic of your employees. Perhaps people have not taken time to write a letter to you about these marvelous workers. We wanted you to know they are professional, efficient, and thoughtful. They deserve applause, a gold star and a raise!

Ray Sullivan

We want to thank you for the professional and friendly, efficient manner in which your crew removed our palms yesterday, Sept 14th. They were very careful and cleaned up afterward. We will be referring your company to our friends and neighbors. Keep up the good work!

Karen Postel

Your company removed a pineapple palm tree from my premises on the captioned date (January 8th). I want to thank your organization for the professionalism and courteous manner in which the crew showed in the project. It was indeed a pleasure in doing business with your company. Thanks again for a job well done.

Howard Koertage

A short thank you note for the work your crew performed in removing a palm tree from our yard. The one experience of great work is what this crew gave to us. It is rare to see such qualified workers. We never got the names of these men but they certainly are the best representation your company could have. Also your staff in the office, namely Jennifer, were extremely helpful and courteous. Rarely does one company have double representation of quality that they can be proud of. Congratulations.

Louis Picani

Cathy, this is in response to my phone conversation with you a few moments ago. One of your crews has been at my residence the greater part of this afternoon. I do believe in expressing one's satisfaction as well as one's dissatisfaction. The crew has had some adverse conditions to work under today. The approach to get the Truck Crane to the tree was very very damp and certainly difficult. During the process, a line broke on the truck's diesel fuel system causing a very tough situation. I must tell you that I think that they did an excellent job under all of these problems. In addition, they were most polite and courteous as well appearing to be good representatives of their employer. I thank them again for a job well done. Please see that the proper management level is made aware of my satisfaction. 

James Gibson

I just wanted to compliment the crew who removed the two palms Tuesday, January 17th. They were organized, polite, helpful, and the lift operation was super. One tree was close to the house and he did a great job.

Jimmie Hetrick

I just want to let everyone know what a professional job the crew did on Wednesday. When they arrived at my house it was almost dark, they were wet, tired and muddy as it had rained hard most of the day. They removed the trees and filled the holes and filled the ruts that the equipment made in the yard. It was all done in a very professional manner and no corners were cut nor was there any evidence of sloppiness, which is usually the norm in those circumstances. I was very impressed.

Merry Ann Johnson

Just a note to let you know how impressed my wife and I were with the job your workers performed in removing our tree on December 21. They were quick, efficient, polite, and extremely hard-working, and professional. Once the job was complete, they ensured that our property was as clean as when they started. Although we do miss our tree, the replacement tree looks great and we look forward to watching it grow in the coming years. Should the occasion arise we will certainly recommend your services to anyone interested. Many thanks for a great job. 

Bob & Barbara Leinweaver

We can't thank you enough for the beautiful palm you replaced. We especially would recommend not only your excellent service but your employees who performed the removal with great expertise. The guys were very courteous and when they left the yard was immaculate.

Bud & Mareanne St Pierre

Well, you've done it again! Today I had my second tree in 10 years removed from my yard. Well, all I can say is... You have a wonderful group of people working for you out in the field. It's not often consumers are willing to take time out of their busy day to say good things...but, I just had to. They were very professional and worked swiftly. Like a well-oiled machine!! I was amazed that a 14' tree could be removed in under 30 minutes!! Thank you again!!

Deborah Cort

I just had a palm removed today and wanted to let you know what a great bunch of people you have working for you. I was very impressed the professional way they went about their jobs. I have lived in FL for about 30 years and have gotten used to Florida business people, not following through with their promises and doing sloppy unfinished work. Your crew did just as they said they would, the mess was cleaned better than before they came, they did an outstanding, professional job, and should be congratulated. Thank you

William Moffat

Your team was here yesterday to plant the replacement trees. Like your team last spring they were thorough and professional. My thanks to you and your colleagues for making this a very pleasant experience. 

Edward Wilkinson

Thank you Shelby for the check. Your staff did a great job and left the property in immaculate condition. I will recommend Sunscape whenever possible. Thanks again.

Suzanne Kaehr

Shelby, Thank you and thank your team who came to our home yesterday! They were efficient in their task of the palm's extraction and packaging for shipping to its new home. We give them an A rating for their neatness while working and clean-up afterwards.

Dean & Donna Kurtz

Hi Makenzie the crew finished a while ago. What a professional job, we were so impressed. Would recommend Sunscape to anyone. Wish we had another tree to sell. 🌴🦩

James Cook & Mary Killbride-Cook

Showed up with in the time frame given to us. These five men worked like a fine string orchestra. Everybody knew what to do and how to do it. The temperature here was definitely over 100 and nobody once complained. No slackers in that outfit the trees removed the yard was put back together, and we are very happy.

Darlene Fadeley

I responded to a postcard offering to buy palm trees. In the beginning of 2021 I signed a contract to sell my large Canary Palm. It is a great tree, but after 20 years it grew too big to maintain. August 23rd, 2022 they called me and said they will be by the next day. Selling the tree to them and getting a replacement Christmas palm was perfect. The guys came out and did a fantastic job. Came and went in three hours. Everybody wins.

Jim Deutsch

Got a couple post cards stating they would purchase palms. We had an overgrown canary palm that needed to go. After some working with schedules for a couple weeks they were able to get the tree out fast, filled the hole and gave us a check for a pretty nice amount. It was great doing business with them and look forward to future business!
They clean the tree up on the spot which was nice seeing that the wifes dad that passed away planted the tree. She loved how pretty it looked after! We really didnt want to let it go after but it had to 😢 

Anonymous - Melbourne FL

Reached out to see if they wanted to remove & rehome our palms. Super quick & professional response. Although they didn't end up being able to use them (type of palm and location) - I am pleased with how quick they responded and the detail they provided after sending them pics. A+ for customer service!!

Ashley Nicks

Thank you all so much! The workmen did a great job and cleaned up so well! Thank you again and happy to do business with you. Already given your info to some neighbors.

Sarah Patterson


My palm 🌴 is wrapped, loaded and on its way to it's new home. 😥😭

Thank you for your help and guidance each step of the way. YOU made this an easy process.

The men were all very professional, kind and considerate. Checked with me to see how I wanted the 2 trees positioned before putting it in the hole. Cleaned up the yard before leaving. They didn't even scream/run away when I told them I saw a squirrel 🐿️ in the palm- the men were completely inside the fronds trying to wrap it and there was the squirrel!!

I love my pygmy date palm. It just looks so natural in its place. My neighbor has already said she likes looking at it from her house across the street.

Can't wait for the crepe myrtle to bloom. It's bigger than I thought it was going to be. 👏 Should meet the city's requirements with no problem.

You selected two good looking and healthy trees for us. We thank you.

Continue with your current work ethics and you will always have satisfied customers.

Bonnie and Jose Gomez Gonzalez