"Working with Sunscape (more specifically Shelby from Sunscape) was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend them for your tree planting needs. I had Sunscape remove a rainbow eucalyptus, move a clump bottle palm and install a foxtail palm all to my satisfaction. Most importantly the communication was professional, friendly, educational and timely thanks to Shelby. Nicely done!"

Tom Dentice

"After my house had to be demolished from a fire I was forced to regime by exquisite large canary palm. Makenzie at Sunscape came to the rescue. We had to wait for the demolition because there was no access with the structure still standing. She worked with me On scheduling and the removal crew were kind and respectful to me and my tears as well as to her in her removal from her 30+ year home. I watched every moment as she maintained her beauty and dignity in her departure. Even the follow up from Sunscape, wow. They are awesome"

Faith Bevan

"We had a large Kapok tree that needed to be removed but it was a nice tree and we didn't want to just cut it down. Sunscape purchased the tree from us and relocated it to a different property. The crew that arrived was spectacular! They were hard workers and were very conscious of other plantings and the lawn, including the neighbor's lawn. This was certainly an all day project and when they ran into an unexpected obstacle they handled it with no problems.Mackenzie was so accommodating to coordinate the tree removal around our scheduled water and sewer hookup. I would highly recommend Sunscape Nursery."

Cheryl Silko

"Amazing company to do business with. They solicited me with regard to some Canary Palms I had. Spoke with Makenzie, a complete professional, very courteous and a vast knowledge of everything they do and how they operate. Wonderful experience, I would recommend them for anything you may need or want. They trimmed, marketed and sold my Canary Palms and removed them, completely hassle free. A pleasure to work with and what fun to watch."

David Knittel