Trees We Do Not Buy

We DO NOT purchase the following:

  • Bismarck Palms
  • Washingtonian Palms (Mexican Fan Palms)
  • Sabal Palms, Cabbage Palm, Palmetto Palms 
  • Queen Palms (Exception: 10 or more with no holes, tapers, or curves on a single property)
  • 1-3 trunk Pygmy Date palms
  • Paurotis Palms (Everglades Palms)
  • Royal Palms over 16 feet of Gray Wood
  • Royal Palms that have tapers, curves, or trunk damage
  • Coconut Palms over 20 feet of wood
  • Oaks
  • Pines
  • Cypress
  • Staghorn's
  • Magnolia Tree's
  • Fruiting or Citrus

Exceptions: If you have a large property with 30 or more mature trees of the same type, including the ones listed above, please send pictures and information by e-mail or text. Trees must be healthy, easily accessible, and of good quality. Good quality is defined as no holes, no crown tilts, no dead or rotten wood, no tapers or uneven trunk caliper, no deficiencies, and no damage on the trunk (chainsaw marks, cuts, scars, etc.).

In some cases when trees we typically do not purchase are of good health and quality, we may be able to offer free removal and or charge significantly less than the average tree removal company depending on the amount of work involved with removal.

Trees We Do Not Buy

Bismarck Palms

Washingtonian Palms

Sabal Palms

Queen Palms

1-3 Trunk Roebelenii Palms

Paurotis Palms

Large Royal Palms (Over 16 ft GW, with holes, tapers, curves)

Large Coconut Palms (Over 20 ft of wood)

Dead or Dying Palms

Uprooted Palms or Trees w/ Severe Hurricane Damage

If you are unsure of the type of palm or tree you have, please text pictures to 813-325-1244.