Sell Your Tree

For 30 years now, Sunscape has been the largest collector of specimen palms and trees in the Eastern United States. 

We purchase palms and trees from homeowners that have grown tired of the expense and the time that maintaining mature palm trees involve. Or maybe the scale of the palm has just outgrown the house it was planted around years ago.

In any case, have us remove your palm and we will pay you and plant a free 7 Gallon replacement.

Contact us today and we will give you an offer for your tree.

How to get the process started!

Text or Email us your name, number, and address where the tree is located along with a few pictures. You may also submit pictures through our website via the contact page.

If it is a palm or tree we can use, we will let you know. Tree's must be located in the state of Florida, healthy, of good quality, and accessible with large equipment (bucket truck, crane, tractor, etc.).

Before we begin marketing your tree(s), we will need to have USIC perform an underground utility check

  • This is a free service provided by utility companies
  • A utility locate ensures that no damage is done and that no one will be harmed during removal

Once we have found a job site for your tree, you will be notified of the removal date. Trees are paid for on the day of removal. With most trees we remove, we offer a free 7-gallon replacement.


We do NOT purchase or remove Bismarck palms, Washingtonian palms, Sabal palms (cabbage palm), Queen palms, 1-3 trunk Pygmy Date palms, and or Paurotis palms from residential properties. 

We do NOT purchase or remove large Royal palms over 22 feet of gray wood or Coconut palms over 20 feet of wood. If you have Royal palms or Coconut palms under these heights, please send pictures.

Exceptions: If you have a large property with 40 or more mature trees of the same type, including the ones listed above, please send pictures and information by e-mail or text.

Other Tree's:

We do NOT purchase or remove Oaks, Pines, Cypress, Staghorn, Magnolias, and or Citrus trees.

Trees We Buy

But not all we buy, call us or send us a picture if you are not sure what you have

Canary Island Date Palms

'Pineapple Palms'

Coconut Palms

Foxtail Palms

Gumbo Limbo

Most Flowering Trees

Pindo Palms

'Jelly Palm'

Ponytail Palms

Reclinata Palms

And Reclinata Hybrids

Phone: 813-855-2121