Sell Your Tree

Since 1989, Sunscape has been the largest collector of specimen palms and trees in Florida.

We market and remove palms and trees for homeowners for many reasons, a few being:

  • Too large, dangerous, or expensive to trim/ maintain 
  • Attracts rodents, bugs, birds, and snakes
  • Tree(s) has outgrown the house
  • Tree(s) planted in the wrong spot

In any case, have us remove your palm or tree, we will pay you, and even plant a free 7 Gallon replacement of your choice from our inventory.

Contact us today and see what we can offer you for your tree! 

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"Sunscape Landscape Nursery, sent a post card to my address asking if we'd like to sell our 18' foot Canary Palm. They sent (5) professional tree removal men! They came, they cared & made the whole process super easy! Great guys working for a great company! I wouldn't change a thing! Ok, see you in 30 years for the next one! Thanks again! Tom"

Tom Corsie

"As the owner of a property with palms, I have been working with Sunscape Landscape Nursery Inc for several months. Ms. Evans has clearly communicated the process, cost, and removal of trees. She and her coworkers are professional, pleasant, and informative. Her staff, on my property, are professional, pleasant, and thoughtful in protecting surrounding work areas. I have no reservation in recommending this business."

Fran Nurrenbrock

"I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and work Sunscape did for me. Everything was on time, delivered as promised, and cleaned entire area up before finishing. Sunscape is a great company to do business with."

Dorinda Kohlun

"I had an overgrown date palm that I was unable to maintain myself anymore and unwilling to pay to be trimmed. After finding them on google, Makenzie at Sunscape responded immediately to my inquiry about them buying my palm. She answered all questions I had regarding the process in a timely manner, and the payment offer was very fair. Their team did a great job removing the palm and cleaned up the area after, you'd never know there used to be a 20ft+ tree there a few days before. I would highly recommend working with this business in the future."

Dylan Short

How to get the process started!

*Please Read Entire Page*

Message us through the form below, by text, or by Email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Address (We will pull up on google to see the access and possible utilities)
  • Current pictures of your tree(s) from a few angles (If you're unable to send pictures, please let us know in your message) Do not submit Google images or images from our website. 

Text only: (813) 325-1244
Landline: (813) 855-2121

If it is a palm or tree we can use, we will let you know. Tree's must be located in the state of Florida, healthy, of good quality, and accessible with large equipment (bucket truck, crane, tractor, etc.). 

Before we begin marketing your tree(s), we will need to have USIC perform an underground utility check

  • This is a free service provided by utility companies
  • A utility locate ensures that no damage is done and that no one will be harmed during removal

Once we have found a job site for your tree, you will be notified of the removal date. Trees are paid for on the day of removal. With most trees we remove, we offer a free 7-gallon replacement.

Before sending pictures, see the links below for trees we do and do not buy.

Backyard or side yard trees & space needed for equipment: 

We need a minimum of 10 feet between homes to access small (under 10 feet tall) backyard trees with a tractor. 

For larger trees (over 10 feet tall) that require a crane, a minimum of 14 feet is needed between homes. 

Access must be straight back with no turns or obstacles (Ex: clear of a/c units, pumps, fences, pavers, other trees, and or bushes). We must have access to the trees through your personal property (No vacant lots, unless you personally own them).

Get started with the form below

Please DO NOT trim your tree prior to inspection. Improper trimming can result in damage to the trees and a drastic reduction of our offer. Always remember to fertilize! The greener, the better!

Landline Phone: 813-855-2121

If your picture file is too large to upload, 

please send pictures using the information below:

Text: 813-325-1244