Eradicate Lethal Bronzing

We have spent the last decade doing what we can to treat our trees, research, and spread the word about Lethal Bronzing (formerly Texas Phoenix Palm Decline).

This disease doesn't just impact landscape or our wallets but the very livelihood of all of Florida. Sabal palms hold together Florida's wetlands and losing them to this disease would impact everything from tourism to the deer that feed off the fruit.

Unfortunately, only now has it begun to get any real attention from the industry and news outlets.

It will take us all, working together, to make a difference and prevent the impact of this disease from changing the landscape and financial stability of Florida for decades to come.

Please check out the link below, what we have spent years researching and collecting. We are not here to make money off this disease, we are just trying to safeguard the future of Florida's landscape and the future of the ever increasing list of palm trees that Lethal Bronzing is endangering.

Lethal Bronzing Can Be Prevented

Contact us for information on what you can do safeguard your palms or have us do it for you

Sunscape has been treating all of our date palms with OTC for years.

Because of this, we have one of the very few Lethal Bronzing FREE Sylvester fields in the state. Rather than making a quick buck selling off a bunch of sick trees cheap, we have spent the time and money to ensure our palms are disease free.

Shipping sick palm trees has only helped the spread of Lethal Bronzing. That is why we inject our palms with a 4 stage preventative treatment

It is recommended that you inject each tree with 4 different solutions

1st - OTC (Oxytetracycline Chloride) to prevent LBD

2nd - Imidacloprid to keep the biting leaf hoppers away

3rd - Phosphorous acid a systemic fungicide and resistance activator

4th - Nutrition - Like PalmJet

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